Minutes of the January Guild Meeting

Call to Order: President, Marilynn Centa, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Daily Thought: Presented by Mary F.

Attendance: 34 members including one new member, Flo Pfeiff. President, Marilynn Centa, Vice President, Mary Filer, Secretary, Julie Tengel, and Treasurer, Margaret Arnot were all introduced as the 2020 board members.

January Birthdays: Happy birthday to Carolyn Baker, Carol Briscoe, Mary Filer, Virginia Johnson, Tommi Lard, Fay McPherson, Cathy Ortega, Marilyn Williams, and Noni Arends.

Minutes: Minutes of December, 2019 were approved as emailed to the membership and published on our website.

Treasurers Report: The balance in the General Account was recorded by Margaret and the Raffle Account was recorded by Maryellen. The general account for 2019 has a little extra because the charity fabric was purchased out of the raffle quilt account.

The SLQG 2020 audit committee for 2019 is Renee Helgeson, Carol Davis, and Carolyn Angelovich.

Committee Reports:
Website: Nancy Shaw will continue working on the website. Nancy recently added a new calendar under the Resources tab that includes additional information on events. Check it out. It is a wonderful addition to the website. Julie will give Nancy monthly board minutes to download. Nancy also updated the Announcements page to include forms for up coming quilt shows and other events.

Membership: Barb Heaton will continue to receive and record membership dues. If you have not yet paid the 2020 membership dues please pay $20.

Publicity: Carol Davis will place adds in the Colorado City publications and Patty Corsentino will place adds in the Walsenburg publications as needed.

Historian: Deb Behringer and Tommi Lard will continue tracking the charity quilts. As of May 2019 SLQG made 80+ stuffed animals for the Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth in Walsenburg and 32 charity quilts. The charity quilts went to the Mount Rose Hospice in Trinidad, Sangre de Cristo Hospice in Walsenburg, Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth in Walsenburg, and quilts of valor to the Veterans Community Living Center in Walsenburg.

Programs: Mary Filer (Instructions and patterns were handed out during the meeting, but will be available on the SLQG website also.)

January - Pick 12 quilt
February – Table runner
Suggestions – Sheets were distributed for any ideas from members.

Nominating Committee: Will be determined in the fall of 2020

Library: Sara Warren will continue working with the library books. Sara will have the library books placed out on the table for each meeting and is working on a revised book list.

Hospitality: Carolyn Angelovich will take care of the kitchen duties i.e. coffee and hot water etc. Feb. through May along with Bev Merritt and Fay McPherson. It was decided not to have a sign up sheet for 'goodies'. Bringing 'goodies' from home will stay strictly volunteer.

Games: Shirley Swab, Deb Behringer, will continue bringing us fun and games along with Fay McPherson.Photography: Sue Barcus will continue to take pictures for the guild.

Charity: Tommi Lard and Deb Behringer
It was decided to make totes for the youth at the Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth. Everyone was asked to bring tote patterns to the February meeting so we can choose a pattern(s).

Nancy S. announced Keli J's quilt store has patterns for animal sleep sacks that are affected by the Australian fires.

Scrappy Ladies Quilt Show: Kate Kramer purchased the insurance for the town of LaVeta, the LaVeta Community Center and the assisted living facility, that has allowed us to store our quilt show frames etc. Had ongoing discussion where to move all of the quilt show equipment but no decision was made.

Old Business:

The stuffed animals were delivered to the Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth, by some of the guild after the Christmas party on December 9. No one attended the youth center's Christmas party because it was on a different day. SLQG did receive a lot of handmade wonderful thank you letters from the kiddos.

New Business:

Deb B. moved that we purchase chairs for the Colorado City Rec Center for a total of $300. Motion was seconded and approved. Nancy S. and Marilynn C. will purchase the chairs.


  >We received thank you letters from: the Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center for the Quilts of Valor; from a resident at the Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center; from the kiddos at the Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth, and from Linda Bickle, member.

  >Carol Davis will be the featured quilt artist at the PCQG quilt show in April at the El Pueblo Museum. Maryellen is looking for volunteers to man the quilt raffle table. Please go to the our website for details on the quilt show.

  >SLQG tea is May 11 at the Colorado City Recreation Center
 >SLQG 2020 Retreat is October 5 – 7 at the Franciscan Center in Colorado Springs.

  >The board will meet monthly on the first Monday of the each month at the Pueblo Main Library. The next meeting will be February 3 at 10:30. Marilynn invited all committee chairs and members to attend.

Next Meeting: February 10, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by, Julie Tengel, Secretary