Minutes of the August 2019 meeting

 Attendance:  Barb Heaton, Nancy Shaw, Bernice Mills, Shirley Schwab,  Diane Birner, Cathy Ortega, Priscilla Palacio, Liz Alberici, Ronalda Arends, Carol Briscoe, Deb Behringer, Maryellen Naughton,  Patty Corsentino, Denecse Trujillo, Margaret Arnot, Fay McPherson, ,Jo Ozbun, Tommi Lard,  Bev Merritt, Julie Tengel, Veronica Huskin,  Carol Clark, Helen Paul, Carolyn Baker, Marilyn Centa, Janet Zurovski, Sara Warren, Sue Barcus, Diane Lamb, Vicki Shafer, Carol Davis, Kathleen Helm

Minutes:  Minutes of July, 2019 meeting were corrected to indicate Kelly J will present a program in October, not August.

Treasurers’ Reports:    The balance in both the General and Raffle Account was recorded.   

New Business:   Deb Behringer opened the meeting with a motion to allocate an additional $150 toward purchase of fabric for charity quilts. There was no discussion.  Sarah Warren so moved, with Noni seconding the motion. Motion passed.  Fabric was purchased during Kelly J’s $3.00/yd sale and Deb has made kits of approximately 5 yds of fabric each.  Please take a kit and leave your name with Deb for followup.  

Tommi moved we participate in the Walsenburg, Catholic Church’s 

holiday bazaar on November 2.  We can enter quilts for sale and can purchase a table for $25 to sell small craft items.  We will also be able to display our quilt and sell raffle tickets at the event. Deb seconded and motion passed without discussion.

Responsibility for the Raffle Account and Raffle Activity will pass from Kathleen Helm/Wells Fargo Bank, to Maryellen Naughton/ Bank of the San Juans in the month of August.  Maryellen is now registered with the Secretary of State as our Games Manager.  Thank you, Kathleen, for your many years of managing that business for the Guild.

We are conducting a review of assets belonging to the Guild.  Please check to see if you have anything at home that is part of the Guild’s asset inventory and report back in September.

Programs:   Maryellen N. gave the final installment of a new Mystery Quilt today and showed her finished quilt top.  In September, we plan on staying after the business meeting to work on small items that can be sold at the Christmas Bazaar.  Kelly J will give a program and class in October on using those leftover scraps/selvages.  There is a planned “Sew-In” for after our November meeting to work on charity quilts or other projects of choice.


Old Business:  We have 35 members ready to attend our September retreat at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs.  Find information at franciscanretreatcenter.com. Retreat rooms for sewing are open at 10:00 on Tuesday, 9-24  thru Thursday until approximately 5:00, with individual rooms available after noon on Tuesday.   

Our Christmas party will again be at La Plaza in Walsenburg.  It is planned for December 9, at a cost of $25.  Details will be discussed later in the year.  

We are looking for people to attend Quilt-A-Fair the weekend following retreat.  Sign up with Nancy Shaw.

Announcements Westcliffe is holding its annual quilt show August 29 – September 1.  

Ricky Tims’ Quilt Luminarium is being held in Walsenburg the weekend before Thanksgiving.

M. Naughton, Secretary  8-13-2019