CORRECTED Minutes of 8 October 2018 - Meeting held at the Colorado City Rec Center

Attendance: Barb Heaton, Linda Bickle, Nancy Shaw, Kathleen Helm, Cathy Ortega, Carol Clark Diane Birner, Nancy Sexton, Virginia Johnson, Veronica Huskin, Carol Briscoe, Priscilla Palacio, Deb Bruner, Dianna Hardrick, Maryellen Naughton, Janet Zurovski, Renee Helgeson, Carolyn Baker, Carol Davis, Marilynn Centa, Fay McPherson, Patty Corsentino, Liz Alberici, Mary Filer, Tommi Lard, Bernice Mills, Patty Minkler, Shirley Schwab, Marilyn Williams, Vicki Shafer, Ronalda Arends, Deb Behringer, Sara Warren, Sue Barcus, Linda Wedgworth.  Guest: Patty Kelley.  

36 members and 1 guest.

Birthdays:   Shirley Schwab (Oct 1st), Bernice Mills (Oct 7th), Barb Beckner and Sara Warren (Oct 10th).

Minutes:  There were no written Minutes from September as we were on Retreat. 

Treasurers’ Reports:  Following payment to Quaker Ridge for our Retreat, the Balance in the General Fund is $2118. 

Old Business:

   · Members were polled during the Retreat and the consensus was a preference for the La Plaza Hotel in Walsenburg.  Arrangements were made for the Christmas Luncheon to be held on Monday, Dec 10 – the date of our regular meeting.  Cost will again be $20 – signups and money will be taken at the November meeting. We will have Christmas Bingo BUT bring only 3 wrapped prizes – 6 makes the game last too long.  Prizes should = ~$5.

   · Our raffle quilt was shown at Quilt-A-Fair quite successfully – sales yielded approx. $250. We had 4 members tending the booth this year instead of 2 – it made for an easier two days for everyone.  Thank you to Carol Davis, Carolyn Baker, Vicki Shafer and Sandy Fundom.

New Business: 

   · Noni finds that she is not able to secure access to the internet and will not be able to accept the Chair for Publicity.  Patty C. will take on liaison with the media.  

   · During Retreat, we were alerted to the Quilt & Craft Show that will be hosted by St. Mary Catholic Church in Walsenburg.  This replaces a similar Show previously offered by the United Methodist Church in Walsenburg, and will be held on the same day – the first Saturday in November, 11/3, 9:00a-3:00p with setup available at 7:00a.  Tommi has already sent in the fee ($25) for our booth – a 6-ft table with 2-3 chairs.  We need a few people to tend the booth.  Reminder: items at $5-10 sell best in this community.  Complete our usual Boutique form – available on our website.

   · Discussion of Dues.  Our dues were raised last year from $15 to $20 to cover the anticipated cost of liability insurance required during our Quilt Show.  However, Patty’s daughter has added us to her liability policy as a courtesy – at no cost to the Guild.  Question:  do we wish to maintain dues at $20 or roll back to $15?  Motion:  Keep the dues at $20.  Marilynn Centa/Carol Davis/Passed.

   · Discussion also included the Balance in the General Account.  Our treasury is now at a significant balance and needs to be spent; as a non-profit organization, we cannot continue to roll this balance over. Since expense such as library books, program speakers, and annual donation for use of a facility for meetings are covered by the Raffle Account, our General Funds should be used for promotion of the art and interest in quilting.  Suggestion was made of creating some type of program for children which could be offered or presented at the Library.  We should also encourage younger women in the community to explore this avenue of expression.  Patty M. will obtain an estimate for two additional racks for the Quilt Show, which can be used in 2019 Budget planning.

Charity Quilts:

   · Tommi took 7 quilts to AADA – both twin size and kids’ quilts.  They were very grateful to have our gifts.

   · We will visit the Veterans Home in Walsenburg on Veterans Day, following our regular November meeting (Nov 12).  We have ~10 large quilts, a large bag of bibs, a few more fidget quilts and at least 2 wheelchair blankets.  Visiting will be Tommi, Linda B. and Nancy Sh.  Anyone else who would like to participate is welcome.


   · 52 blocks in 52 weeks.  Four new patterns today – Blocks 13-16.  They may be downloaded from our website – see the Announcements page.

   · The first 3-day class with Rhonda Denney, was held last week.  A second class will be held in November.  Cost is $100/person for the 3 days.  See Carol Davis to sign up - $25 deposit.

Review of the Retreat:  

   · See the pictures on our website!

   · We found Quaker Ridge to be a very comfortable facility – the room for sewing was large and spacious enough for all of us.  It was unfortunate that the weather was unseasonably warm and the windows had no coverings, so the middle of the day was too warm.  However, there were other rooms where we could “spread out” which were cooler.  We might wish to consider the same size room on the lower floor, if we go there again. It would not have as much sun exposure, and the lower ceiling should improve the light for sewing at night.

   · Our rooms were very large, the beds comfortable, and the bathrooms generous – it was nice to have 2 sinks!  

   · The food was very good.  Although we had to shuttle some people by car, many of us enjoyed the walk.

   · Criticisms: 

         o No staff available to assist with unloading our machines, etc.  

         o We had to set up and put away our own tables & chairs.  

         o Although there was an elevator, we had to seek out someone to show us how to operate it. 

         o The staff were extremely reluctant to let us have any ice.  

         o Despite our contract giving us access for sewing until noon on the last day, the ladies who stayed to sew felt harassed and criticized by the group coming in behind us and were made to feel they should leave early.


   · The Treasurers (Margaret and Kathleen) will prepare budgets for 2019 for their respective accounts, for review and approval in November.

   · It is time to conduct the annual audit of both accounts – Maryellen and Renee volunteered.

   · The blocks created from the fat quarters were given to our Secret Friends.

   · An ad in the Huerfano Journal for someone to be in charge of Art In The Park yielded the date for next year – July 6-7, 2019.  Our raffle drawing will be held at our July meeting -

July 8, 2019 – so that we will not be dependent upon the Quilt Show.

   · Christmas gifts for the Sangre de Cristo Youth Center – Sandy is getting bags for the hats, gloves & scarves we have already collected.  Nancy Se. will gather a committee to sort the items and prepare the bags, with a goal of completion by December 1st.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Shaw