Minutes of the February Guild Meeting

February 10, 2020

Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild General Meeting Colorado City, Colorado Recreation Center

Call to Order: President, Marilynn Centa, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Daily Thought: Presented by Mary F.

Attendance: 24 members including 2 guests (Chris Hemp and Alene Duzenack) were present.

February Birthdays: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue Barcus, Jill Pollart, and Nancy Shaw.

Minutes: Minutes of January 13, 2020 were approved as emailed to the membership and published on our website with one correction. Changed the heading from General Board Meeting to 'General' Meeting.

Treasurers' Report: The balance in the General and Raffle Accounts was recorded.

  • General Account: Margaret A. reported the balance at the end of January was $3,504.86.
  • Raffle Account: Maryellen N. reported the balance at the end of January was $2,257.70.
  • Audit Committee: Thanks to Renee Helegson, Carol Davis, and Carolyn Anglovich for completing and filing the audit in good standing.
  • 2020 Budget: General fund and raffle budgets were reviewed and accepted by the board as required in the SLQG Standing Rules.
    Committee Reports:
    Membership: Barb Heaton:  Friendly reminder that if you have not yet paid your 2020 membership dues please pay $20 to Barb.
    Publicity: Carol Davis and Patty Corsentino, were not present, but we know that an article with a picture did get published in the Greenhorn Valley View by Sue Barcus and the Huerfano World Journal by Patty C. for our Quilts Of Valor National sewing day on February 1, 2020.
    Programs: Mary Filer
  • February – Cathy O. demonstrated how to create beautiful, artistic greeting cards out of card stock and fabric. Instructions were handed out at the meeting and will be posted on the SL website if you are interested in making your own. Thank you Cathy!
  • March – Demo Day (flying geese by Mary F., bias strips by Cathy O., half square triangles by Maryellen N. and Margaret A.)
  • April – Trunk Show with Joan Musick
  • May – Spring Tea
  • June – Kate K. will demonstrate how to sew and up cycle snack bags (i.e. potato chips or large candy bags) into a purse/bag. This still needs to be confirmed and maybe subject to change.
  • July – Flower pounding
  • August - TBA
  • September – Sew day (blankets for the SCYC)
  • October – Machine binding by Cathy O.
  • November – TBA
  • December – Christmas party

Games: Maryellen Naughton
Marilynn brought to our attention that at the January meeting she misspoke regarding the Games Committee manager and that Maryellen is still in charge of the Games Committee.

Fun and Games: Shirley Schwab and Carolyn Baker are in charge of the new informal Fun and Games Committee. Let the fun and games begin!

Charity: Deb Behringer
Following discussion Deb B. moved that we make blankets this year for the kiddos at the Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth in Walsenburg this year. Motion was seconded and passed. The blankets can be made from fleece and should be twin or throw sizes.

Website: Nancy Shaw and Julie Tengel
All the credit needs to go to Nancy for doing such a great job staying on top of updates and creating new pages for the SL website. As Marilyn stated please check out the Announcements page with forms to download for the quilt show and applications. Also, check out the new Calendar of Events page. Thank you Nancy.

Library: Sara Warren
Deb Behringer donated a couple Missouri Star quilting books to our library. Thank you Deb.

Old Business:

  1. Nancy S. purchased and delivered the eight chairs from Sam's Club as our donation to the Rec Center for letting us use their facility. The cost was $270.10 and the funds came from the raffle fund. Thank you Nancy.
  2. Thanks to Nancy S. for organizing the Quilts of Valor National sewing day. Approximately eleven ladies attended. Sara W. noted that a QOVF award form should be filled out for all completed QOV quilts. The form can be found on the Quilt Of Valor Foundation website at www.QOVF.org or Sara W. also has the form available. We should also contact the Veterans Community Living Center for quilts that have been presented to veterans in the past so the QOVF forms can be filled out.

New Business:

  1. The SL Board made a decision to contribute 5%, up to $50, of our quilt raffle ticket sales during the Pride City Quilt Guild quilt show to PCQG. The funds will come from the raffle account.
  2. Following discussion at the February Board meeting it was agreed that Maryellen can purchase a cart/wagon to transport the raffle quilt and the equipment to and from venues. Maryellen found a flatbed cart on-line for under $50 that she would like to purchase. It was also suggested to investigate flatbed carts at Harbor Freight.
  3. The 2019 SL quilt show brochure was given to Marilynn to update for the 2020 SL quilt show.
  4. Following discussion it was decided to CANCEL a General meeting if the weather is too bad, such as too much snow.
  5. Fay recommended an easel to be used during presentations/demos. Bev M. said she had an easel she would like to donate.


  1. SL Board meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m., at the Main Pueblo Library, second floor to the right of the elevators in the back. Everyone is welcome to attend and contribute. Date and time changes may happen if any one of the officers have conflicts. Please call Marilynn if you are attending so she can communicate any changes.
  2. Regional Quilt Show Challenge: Pueblo's Melting Pot! Challenge handout – Nancy.
  3. PCQG Quilt Show: Maryellen – April 2-11, at El Pueblo Museum in Pueblo. Carol Davis will be the featured quilt artist. March 20 is the deadline to enter a quilt. The fee is $6.
  4. Fay announced that she likes a family owned fabric store out of Boulder called www.equilter.com. They ship orders out same day. They also have a handy on-line quilt design board. Fay also recommended the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, CO.
  5. SLQG Tea: May 11
  6. SLQG Retreat: October 5-7 at the Franciscan Center in Colorado Springs
  7. It was nice to receive two thank you cards from two veterans that received a QOV quilt. Also Ricky Tims sent a thank card with a $350 donation check for members that helped sew on quilt sleeves onto his quilts.
  8. THANK YOU to Sandy K's husband for making the homemade puff pastries for Valentine's Day. They were delicious.

Next Meeting: March 9, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Julie Tengel, Secretary