Minutes - April 8, 2019

 Attendance:  Barb Heaton, Nancy Shaw,  Bernice Mills,  Patty Minkler, Shirley Schwab, Carolyn Baker, Renee Helgeson, Janet Zurovski,  Diane Birner, Cathy Ortega, Priscilla Palacio, Liz Alberici,  Sara Warren, Ronalda Arends, Marilynn Centa, Patty Kelley,  Carolyn Angelovich, Carol Briscoe, Deb Behringer, Maryellen Naughton, Linda Bickle, Veronica Huskin,  Sandy Kline, Vicki Shafer, Patty Corsentino, Denece Trujillo, Margaret Arnot, Fay McPherson, Linda Wedgworth, Marilyn Williams, and new member, Julie Tengel .

Minutes: Minutes of March, 2019 meeting were approved as written.

Treasurers’ Reports:    The balance in the General Account was recorded.  In Kathleen’s absence, no Raffle Account balance was reported; however, early sales at the Quilt Show are good!

Programs:   Maryellen N. will give the first installment of a new Mystery Quilt today.   [see directions here]  Second installment of the Mystery Quilt will be in June.  

   >May will be our annual Tea held at the Rec Center in Colorado City. Bring your own Tea!   A sheet was passed for members to sign up to bring items for the meal.  Members are asked to bring three small gifts for Bingo fun.  

   >July’s program is to be at the July Pride City meeting, with Cheryl Phillips as the speaker.  She will also have an afternoon class.  Scrappy Ladies will share the cost of the presentation with the PCQG.  Members who attend will not have to pay a guest fee.  Maryellen is asking for signups for those who will be attending the PCQG meeting and those who will be taking the class. 

   >Kelly J will give a program and class in August, which has yet to be determined.   

Library:  Patterns are available in the Library for the stuffed animals we intend to gift to the Walsenburg group at Christmas.  Sign the patterns out with Sara.  Cathy O. brought six frogs for the initiative and we had one Teddy Bear to add to the menagerie. We need between 65-75 animals to gift.   

New Business:  Maryellen read an invitation from the Olde Schoolhouse Quilters to a workshop “Flower Pounding Power”, on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 10 a.m., followed by a patriotic themed luncheon at Valley Bible Fellowship (Westcliffe). We will have a space to hang our raffle quilt if we choose.  Signup with Maryellen for either, or both activities by our May meeting.

   >We also  have a signup sheet for Cheryl Phillips program and class at PCQG in July.  The more who sign up for class, the lower the per person cost will be.  Let Maryellen know. 

Old Business:  The Retreat Committee reported they have made the down payment for the Retreat on  September 24-26.  Costs will be $265/single, $201/double, or $165/triple.  Payments  should be made to SLQG by August.

   >Patty Minkler reported on Quilt Show, saying Tommi was securing the LaVeta Community Center for the event.

   >Quilt of Valor Blocks for 2019 will be collected by Nancy Shaw until May.  Directions for same are on the website.  Approximately 18 blocks have been submitted.

   >Tommi was not in attendance, but requested quilts that could be used by either a male or female graduate from the Youth Center.  Please hold on to them until it is determined how many are needed, either twin or lap quilt.

   >It was reported that Mary Filer had her winning quilt from last year appraised at $4000.  Huzzah!

   >Marilyn Williams reported on the 2019 raffle quilt progress.  It should be finished mid-May.  She is seeking someone to bind, add sleeve and label.  

   >She also informed us how to acquire batting “seconds” from both Quilter’s Dream and Warm Quilting at less-than-wholesale pricing to be used for charity quilts. Call 757-463-3264 or 888-268-8664 or quiltersdreambatting.com for Quilter’s Dream.  The Warm Co. requires a 501(c)3 certificate; we are a nonprofit, but do not have this tax deductible status.  Marilyn is checking to see if a note from the Colorado Secretary of State will suffice. 

M. Naughton     4-8-2019