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Our new co-Vice Presidents, Carol and Carolyn, are working to get Programs planned for 2019.  Scrappy Ladies will share the cost of the Program at Pride City in July, which will feature Cheryl Phillips.  Our members can attend the Program with no Guest Fee.  A class will also be offered - Cheryl's  Bonus Blossoms.

Quilt Show

The Spring Fire last summer devastated much of western Huerfano County.  Although the town of LaVeta did not burn, it was still under threat.  This year they are concerned about major flooding, possibly flash floods.  

We have considered an alternative location in Walsenburg in which to hold our Show; however, the threat there is similar.  We will continue planning for the LaVeta Community Center.


Carolyn and Shirley have finalized the contract with the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, and have reserved Tuesday morning thru Thursday afternoon - Sep 24-26.  We will have 2 nights, 5 meals, and can sew well into Thursday afternoon!


Our longtime Games Manager, Kathleen, announced last year that she is ready to "retire" at the end of this raffle year.  Maryellen has agreed to succeed her and will become certified by the State of Colorado in time to take over the duties in August.

Raffle Quilt

The raffle drawing for our current quilt, Midnight Garden - pictured on the home page, will be at our July meeting - the Monday following our Quilt Show - July 8th.

A new quilt is "under construction" by Marilyn W., Janet Z., and Sandy K., to be raffled in July 2020.

Quilt-A-Fair in Longmont

We have had a booth at QAF for several years.  This is always the first showing of a new Scrappy Ladies quilt, and is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our quilt to visitors from around the state!

Dates for QAF this year are Sep 27-28 (Fri-Sat).  We will hope to be selected for the Raffle Gallery, and will need volunteers to staff a table.

2019 QOV Block Drive

Quilts of Valor® 2019 Block Drive

The 2019 Quilts of Valor block drive features a floating Ohio Star. 

The purpose of the national block drive is to give individuals or groups who wish to make just a few blocks, but not assemble a quilt, have their block(s) in quilts made across the nation. These blocks can be assembled many ways into a QOV. We will try to post samples on Facebook. If you make a top or quilt, please post a picture. These blocks will assist State Coordinators. They will help fill requests not covered by local groups and ease their backlogs. We thank you for your help with our mission! 


1. There are two colors needed: background – red or blue solid or patriotic print; main color – white or white-on-white (see photos).

2. Use a scant 1⁄4” seam allowance and press carefully.
3. Block should measure 12 1⁄2” as sewn and will finish at 12” in a quilt.

Color 1 – Background 8 – 4 1⁄2” squares 55060 (Go Die)

(red or blue solid or a patriotic print)
Color 2 – Main Color 1 – 4 1⁄2’ square 55060 (Go Die)

(white solid or white-on-white) 8 – 3 1⁄2” squares 55006 (Go Die)

Step 1: Picture 1 below shows your cut pieces. Using four of the 3 1⁄2” small squares, mark them corner to corner as shown in picture 2. If you feel confident, you do not have to mark. Place each on the bottom left edge of 4 background squares (picture 3). Sew them (picture 4). Trim them at 1⁄4” (picture 5). Press back (picture 6).

Step 2: Repeat with the other 4 small squares. See pictures below. You will end with 4 squares with star points.

Step 3: Lay out your 9 squares like a 9 patch block. Sew it together your favorite way.  When you finish, it should look like the 4th picture.

Step 4: Press it open (see last picture). Your finished block should measure 12 1⁄2”.

See the download for pictures & instructions

2019 QOV Block

2019 QOV Block (pdf)


2019 Mystery Quilt

Mystery Quilt -- Section One

    You will need five fabrics for this quilt, in a range of values.  The term value is used to describe the lightness or darkness of a color.  A limited value range can create a calm mood or subtle design.  Strong contrasts lend drama to your work.  Using the entire value spectrum creates a beautiful, rich effect.

Very important is the use of contrasting values, that can make or break your quilt design.  I will offer two sets of fabric choices to help you see where the contrast must take place in this quilt.  

You will choose a focus fabric (1) that will set the color scheme for your quilt.  It should be low-valued, the Darkest fabric in the set.  From that color scheme you will need two “background fabrics”, one that is the Lightest, high value in your group of fabric (2), and the second that should read Medium Light or Light Medium(3).  Those two must offer contrast within the background.  

The fourth (4) and fifth (5) fabric should be middle value, a Medium and a Medium Dark.  I suggest that these two come from the same color family, which may be influenced by your focus fabric.

Fabric requirements:

 Basic                             To include two borders + binding 

1.   1/3 yd                                 ½ yd

2.  1-1/4 yd                            2-1/8 yd

3.  1-1/4 yd                            2-1/8 yd

4.  2/3 yd                                 7/8 yd

5.  2/3 yd                                 7/8 yd

Binding requirement for basic is 1/8 yd 

Backing for basic is approx. 54 x 72.  Full pattern is 64 x 82



2019 Mystery Quilt Part1 (pdf)