Making Face Masks

There are many face mask patterns on the Internet and YouTube

There are several styles of face masks out there, and a lot of YouTube videos.  Here are a few that have been presented to the Quilt Guilds in our area:

1.  A simple mask.  This one does not include a filter, and has elastic bands to go around the ears.  It can be washed.  It will be useful at home, or perhaps for patients, but less so for medical personnel as it has no filter.  Also, it has been stated that elastic cannot be put thru a sterilizer.

Face mask pattern: 

Video of making the mask:

2.  Non-pleated style mask.  This mask we're told has been requested by a medical supply house, but the pattern author specifically states that it is not rated for medical personnel - even with a filter.  This mask will be good for reducing infection transmission at home.  If you choose to make this mask, with elastic, note the optional placement so that the bands can go around the back of the head instead of around the ears.

Website to make the mask - options for small (child), medium and large (adult) are offered, as well as with and without seam allowance, and pocket style for use with a filter. 

Here is another that is designed in a similar way, but the opening of the pocket for a filter is placed differently.  The tutorial is much shorter:

3.  A.B.Mask for a Nurse by a Nurse.  This one does not have a pocket for a filter, but does have ties to go around the head rather than elastic over the ears.  It is designed to be worn over an N95 surgical mask.  Scroll down to Teacher Notes to begin the pattern.

4.  Similar to the mask in #1 above, but includes a pocket to insert a filter.  Add ties to the side instead of elastic and it would solve the sterilization problem too!  

5.  Pleated mask with ties.  Use 2 fat quarters to make 3 complete masks, plus have an extra set of ties for a fourth mask.  Good tutorial for making the ties; however, the mask is still a simple mask, similar to #1.  Combined with the pocket of #4 for a filter, this mask would be useful for medical personnel. 

6.  This video of making an N95-style mask is long (25 min) but it discusses the type of filter materials you can use.  It's useful because the material could be cut to insert in #2 or #4 above. 


A.B. Mask - for a Nurse by a Nurse


We are again collecting 4" squares for Mable.  (She would probably take 5" squares too, if there were enough she could make a whole top.)  You can drop off your fabric squares with Barb H.

We are also now collecting strips of selvages to send to Jody.  She has moved to Arizona and is bored.  She has offered to pay the postage if we will mail her some bags of selvage.  Please give what you have to Barb H., and she will ship them to Jody.

Changes .. ..



Mary Filer will plan Programs for 2020.

Quilt Show

Kate has made the arrangements to have our 2020 Quilt Show at the La Veta Community Center.  As Art In The Park will be held over the holiday weekend, our Show will be Sat-Sun July 4th & 5th, with setup on Fri, July 3rd.

Last Fall we moved all our racks and equipment for the Show to storage in a location a couple blocks from the Community Center in La Veta.


Carolyn and Shirley planned a wonderful time at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs!   See the photos from the 2019 Retreat on another page.

They have finalized arrangements for our 2020 Retreat and will be taking signups and $25 deposits at our March meeting.


Maryellen is working diligently to arrange frequent opportunities to show our quilt and sell raffle tickets.  The Quilt will be on display at the Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show in Pueblo, in April.  Everyone should volunteer for at least one shift at the Raffle Table.

Raffle Quilt

The new raffle quilt, for the drawing in July 2020, is titled Times Gone By.  It was created by Marilyn W. and Janet Z. and is shown on our home page.

Quilts of Valor

QOV Awarding and Labeling

The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with healing and comforting Quilts of Valor.

A lot of wonderful quilts were shown following our Sew Day, and a lot of questions were asked.  Hopefully, the information below will help with answers.


A Quilt of Valor is to be large enough to cover an average-sized adult, with an ideal size approx. 60” x 80.”   Finished size can be no smaller than 55” x 65” and no larger than 72” x 90.”

The design is the quilter's choice.  While QOVs do not need to be red/white/blue, given a choice most recipients will choose a patriotic theme.

Fabric should be high quality cotton fabric, and batting should be quality low-loft batting.  Quilting may be either by hand or machine, should be appropriate to the quilt, and should not be overly dense.  A tied quilt is not acceptable.

Awarding a Quilt of Valor:

You are very welcome to award a quilt to any veteran or currently serving member of our armed services.  The award of the quilt may be with a presentation case.  The award need not be done thru the Quilts of Valor Foundation; however, it would be great if we reported these awards! 

For reporting we need: 

     1.  Date of Award

     2.  Location of Award (city & state)

     3.  The recipient's name

Although not required for reporting, it is nice to include the something about the service of the individual - Branch of service, location and dates of service (even just the years).


Labels may be handwritten (using permanent ink for fabric), may be machine embroidered, pieced, computer generated, or they can be purchased.

A Quilt of Valor must be labeled as such.   It should include the quilt makers' names and states (piecer and quilter), and should include a space to fill in the name of the awardee.

Labels may include an expression of gratitude, a dedication, the date awarded, and washing instructions.  Labels may not include religious or political messages.

Labels have been purchased - see Nancy or Sara.


Print Quilt Show forms

2020Challenge (pdf)


Registration form -2020 (pdf)