Here are links to the printable version of the Blocks for the Year of Scrappy Triangles.  You can see pictures of Linda's Blocks each month on the Minutes page.

Angel Gowns

angel gowns

There are several YouTube videos out there that demonstrate how to make an Angel Gown.  Here we are using the pattern and instructions provided by .  They offer this info as a free download with no copyright restrictions but ask that it not be sold.


(NOTE:  Carol found that, when printing this pattern, she needed to tell the printer to enlarge the image to 110% or the test square didn't come out to 2".  When my printer window opened, it showed the image at 93% - changing it to 100% solved the problem.)  This pattern is shown in 4 sizes; you may want to print it 4 times so you can cut each size separately.


Note that the pattern prints out on 4 pages - you will cut/paste the top & bottom portions of the front and back.  The instructions print on 8 pages.  A condensed version of the instructions was written by a friend - see the Download available below.

Wedding dresses have been found at many donation facilities like ARC and Goodwill.  Happy shopping!